Daddy, where are you

Award on Festival International Generation Court 2020 (Prix du jury)

Amazing job John, Antonio & all members!

Daddy, where are you – Short Film

A dramatic story about a family abandoned by all aids of the government because of the miss behaviour of the military member which leads to the fracture and survival of the rest of the family members. A young little boy in all the confusion wants only one thing, to see his father, but what he does not know is that his father is not coming back home….
Nowadays around the world there are issues due to soldiers coming back home with traumas after being in the war zones for several months. As we can imagine and have seen, war can have a devastating effect on someone. Some of these problems being related to debt, financial illiteracy, alcohol and cigarette abuse, all of which are linked to military service and exacerbated by combat deployment. And in the most critical cases, these traumas end up in homicides, violent crimes and suicides. This is what this short story is based on, how a family survives on behalf of the behaviour and actions of a soldier coming back from the war, and little kid, aged of 4, who only wants one thing, to see his missing father…
Thanks to John Steyn & Antonio Pérez Garvin to be involved to this amazing project.

Music & Sounddesign: Christian Schreitter
Audio Postproduction: 078 ibiza productions
Director: John Steyn
Producer: Antonio Pérez