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Born in Krems/Donau (Austria) I started my musical education at the age of 4, learning the flute (like so many children). One year later I began to study Piano (Classical, Jazz) which was continued for the next few years. During my rockin’ teenage years, Guitar, Bass, Drums and Church Organ all helped to fulfill my passion for music. Some of these instruments then played a part in live bands in Austria. Banjo & Ukulele were soon to follow as I continued my quest for self improvement.
And then – film came in.

Music is designed time.

Music can only be experienced as a sequence in time. For this reason music is nearly fundamentally based on the rhythmical order of its raw material (noise, tone, sound). Apart from rhythm musical material is structured by melody (sequence of various tone pitches) and harmony (synchrony of certain tone pitches).


Music was my first love… Whether in movies, documentaries, games or advertising: Music changes, amplifies and animates a message. Creating musical compositions in many genres I’ll help and advise from the conceptual phase to the final mix. Funky, Jazzy, Classical, Blockbuster, Unplugged, Solo, Acoustic – always with Soul, no limits and unique. Bring your images to life and a whole new aural level – the tonal foundation for your project – each composition is always exclusive to your project.

Sound Design

Foley and sound effects are essential to create a convincing and lively atmosphere. Natural as well as synthetic effects give exactly the right impact whatever the concept. What is the sound of a car door shutting? What does a bite into a chocolate-covered marshmallow sound like? What’s the sound of a 15-ton robot taking the last step to the toilet and opening his bonnet? What do bubbles sound like when a mineral water bottle is opened? What about the difference in sound between beer bubbles and champagne bubbles when you open the bottles? Moving images have so many different sounds that in just one second you can bring the image to life.

Other Audio Services

It is precisely the interplay and the mix between music & sound effects – whether it’s a five-second trailer or a 141-minute blockbuster – that brings a silent film to life, giving it the necessary emotional impact. My years of experience in a wide variety of projects will complement your film. Exceptional and unique.
And because I love music, plucking strings and hitting buttons, I also push buttons and enjoy the atmosphere as a DJ.

It’s all in the mix!