Studio Work & Services

Comprehensive solutions for your audio production. The goal is to assist you creatively and effectively through the entire process of your production. From your first idea on script to the final mix for all media.
Studio connection internationally is established via Source-Connect. If you are not able to join a session directly, we’ll find a way, how to listen, participate and brief some artists directly. This guarantees a direct response to the artists while recording and changes can promptly be made.

Services & Media

Recording • Music • Foley • Sound Design • Audio Postproduction

• Documentary, Imagefilms, Web Videos
• TV, Cinema & Radio Commercials
• Games, Audio books
• International Artists
• Voice Casting, Film Voice Over, ADR, Sounddesign


• Made to order compositions
• Scoring for Film
• Sound Design
• Production
• Licensing, Communication Publisher

Sound Design

• Foley recording & design
• Huge Library of Soundeffects
• Creative brain


• Voice, Vocal & special Instruments Artists
• ADR Lip-sync
• Dubbing & Changes
• Local in Mondsee & worldwide via remote (SourceConnect)

Multilingual Worldwide
If the chosen voice artist is not available in studio locally, we can bring their voice into the nearest studio partner and connect via various high quality methods – worldwide.
So if you prefer to implement your global audio campaign out of one house, then you are in the right place here.

Final Mix

The final mix is made digitally using ProTools with various plug-ins and high quality outboard equipment. If there might be changes on your project, cut downs or remakes, the project session is fast and easy to recover. Also, the final master will always fit international standards (TV, Radio, Web, Cinema, other online services like iTunes, amazon music, …).
Pre mixes, session transfer, splitted tracks or stems can also be delivered. This facilitates the workflow for film productions and studio partners worldwide.

Your project should be outstandig!


Some of the equipment
Mac Pro, Protools HDX, various Plug-Ins, Avid S3, Apogee, Antelope Audio, UAD, Tube-Tech, Focusrite, Manley, Rode, Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, SourceConnect, PMC speaker, JBL speaker, Native Instruments, Adam Hall, Sonnet, …